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MARK L. HARE - Founding Partner


Tel:     (413) 731-5800

Mark L. Hare

 I opened my practice more than 25 years ago hoping to become a trusted legal advisor to the people in my community. Today that’s a reality. Most of our clients are the children, friends, neighbors or colleagues of clients we’ve helped in the past. We’re very proud of the work we do and the successes we’ve achieved on behalf of our family of clients.

That’s why you’ll never see us on television or a billboard. We’re not trying to become a high-profile law firm or a household name. We prefer to devote our time and resources to our existing clients, fully confident that the work we do for them will be reason enough for them to recommend us to others for legal help when they need it. 

When you need a lawyer, do your due diligence. Ask people about Hare, Stamm & Harris LLC. Chances are we’ve helped someone you know. We can help you, too.

  • Graduate of Western New England School of Law

  • Member of the Massachusetts Bar Association

  • Member of the Connecticut Bar Association

Licensed to practice in

  • U.S. District Court

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court

  • U.S. Court of Appeals

  • U.S. Tax Court

Also serving as

  • Staff Attorney for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

  • Attorney for the Hampden County Bar Association Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys



Tel:      (413) 731-5800

Mary Anne Stamm

I am a trial attorney. I’m the person to call if you’ve been charged with a crime or are embroiled in a dispute heading for court. That’s when you need an experienced trial attorney, one who knows how to win in court. After 30 years of arguing cases in criminal, civil, family and probate courts, district, superior, the U.S. District Court and appellate courts, I’ve learned that most cases are won by thorough preparation before trial. Your day in court is the culmination of my behind-the-scenes work… if the case doesn’t settle out of court first. Often times opposing counsel prefer not to tangle with an experienced trail lawyer because they know that the ground work required to take a case to trial—and to win—will demand more time and preparation than they’re willing to devote. Not me; I welcome the challenge. Whether your case requires vigorous representation in court or confidential legal advice from the comfort of my office, I hope you’ll let me find the best solution to your legal issue.

Areas of Practice

           Criminal law:     

              Murder and other homicides
              Assault and battery
              Sexual assault
              Drug offenses
              Home Invasion
              Firearms Offenses
              Resisting arrest

Personal Injury:

              Auto accidents
              Slip and fall
              Premises liability
              Dog bites
              Insurance claims

 Civil litigation:

               Wrongful Death cases
               Consumer law
               Business disputes
               Alcohol liability
               Lemon law claims

Family law

              Child support
              Abuse prevention orders



Tel:       (413) 731-5800

Mickey E. Harris

I am a litigator. In layman’s terms, I’m a fighter. I spend most of my time and energy in court fighting to protect the legal rights of my clients. I think of the courtroom as an arena where important issues are challenged, defended and decided. Civil rights, property rights and personal freedoms which most of us take for granted are routinely denied to others. Only a court of law can restore balance between the rights afforded to all citizens and the injustice perpetrated upon them when their rights are violated. The outcome depends on one factor: which side correctly interpreted and convincingly presented the facts of the case? I hope you’ll trust me to do exactly that for you.

  • Graduate of the University of Connecticut, Juris Doctor

  • University of Massachusetts BA cum laude

  • Member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, 1992

  • Member of the Connecticut Bar Association, 1992

  • Hampden County Lawyers for Justice

  • Position Hampden County Bar Association

  • Former Assistant District Attorney

  • Former Public Defender

  • Former President of NAACP

  • Board of Directors, Oak Hill Cemetery

  • Board of Directors, Springfield Partners for Action

  • Volunteer, Annual CORI Day

Practice Areas:              Criminal Law
                                           Family Law
                                           Personal Injury
                                           Landlord Tenant
                                           Business Law



Tel:      (413) 731-5800

Melissa Long

It’s easier than you think to fall on the wrong side of the law. A property dispute, an at-fault car accident, a poorly written business contract, even being in the wrong place at the wrong time can suddenly complicate life for even the most conscientious people. I became an attorney to help people live by and receive all the rights and benefits of the law.

It’s just as easy to be on right side of the law and still need legal representation. If you’re suffering the injustices of someone else’s actions, you’re entitled to a fair resolution of the issue under applicable law.

In either case, my job is to make sure you receive all the legal protection, rights and benefits you deserve. My goal is to achieve the outcome you want through whatever legal means available to us. If you’re facing a legal obstacle, I’m here to help you overcome it.

  • Graduate of Western New EnglandUniversity School of Law

  • Member of the Hampden County Bar Association

ERIN M. O'CONNOR - Partner


Tel:       (413) 731-5800

Erin M. O'Connor

I am single-minded about pursuing fair treatment under the law… and in accordance with government regulations. Whether my clients seek financial compensation for the negligence of others, exoneration for a criminal indictment or resolution of an immigration issue, my sole focus is on their goals. While I can’t promise we’ll achieve every one of them, I can promise my persistent effort to reach them. If your situation is best addressed through civil action, criminal defense or immigration status documentation, I’d like to make sure that you receive every consideration you deserve.

  • Graduate of Western New England School of Law, Juris Doctor

  • Member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, 2012

  • Member of the Connecticut Bar Association, 2012 

  • Member Hampden County Lawyers for Justice

  • Member Hampden County Bar Association

  •  MA Campaign Treasurer 

  Practice Areas:     Criminal Law
                                    OUI Defense
                                    Family Law
                                    Personal Injury Law

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